Scott’s faculty home at Purdue is in the School of Engineering Technology. He teaches, however, across multiple university colleges and departments. Through the courses and learning experiences he designs, Scott helps both undergraduate and graduate students learn and apply the deep skills of collaboration and agile approaches to managing complex technical and social challenges. The following are some of the courses Scott teaches:

  • Introduction to the Science and Practice of Complex Collaboration (undergraduate)

  • Complex Collaboration and Strategic Agility (graduate)

  • Understanding Organizations as Ecosystem (graduate)

  • Communicating Complex Challenges & Strategic Solutions (graduate)

  • The Science & Practice of Complex Collaboration (undergraduate)

  • Cognitive Diversity in Teams and Organizations (undergraduate)

  • Communicating Complexity (undergraduate)

All of these courses are available for licensing to other colleges and universities. Connect with us here.

Scott also teaches in professional development settings for corporate and civic leaders, offering both traditional workshops and designing online learning experiences. He has led workshops in 46 U.S. states and nine different countries. Some of these professional development offerings include:

Scott often serves as visiting faculty at other universities both in the U.S. and internationally. If you are interesting in learning more about how you might bring Scott to your institution, or for more information about these professional development offerings, connect with us here.